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Updated September 22, 2020
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Hey Guys! It’s Lauren. You may have seen my face on a few videos recently, but let me formally introduce myself! I’m here to take It’s Time to a whole new level! 

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been what we expected! I myself have had quite the ride on the ‘Rona Rollercoaster. As a bartender, I was faced with the reality that no job is stable, and when I was able to return to work, a new can of logistical worms got cracked open.  Talk about pivoting!

It’d be so easy to focus on the negative and let it swallow you up. But that’s not what Wilmingtonians are about.


So here’s the flip side of the coin, the silver lining, the “lesson learned”. Although we’ve struggled, COVID has created a dialogue of some pretty compelling stories. It’s taught us compassion, and showcased the resilience of my city, OUR CITY, as we navigate life within our new normal. I’ve seen businesses pivot and collaborate with one another, schools deliver meals to students throughout the city, and been a part of too many Zoom hangouts to count.  Neighbors are stopping to talk to each other more, and people are getting back outside.

So with that, IT’S TIME… To People Again! It’s TIME to move forward and get back to what makes us who we are. IT’S TIME to embrace and support each other, and share our journeys.


That’s what the IT’S TIME campaign is about. We are your neighbors, exploring the city post-COVID to showcase our local small businesses, places to live and work, and community organizations as we all safely get back to a new normal.

For the next 12 weeks, I will be out in Wilmington’s neighborhoods meeting community members and documenting my conversations and experiences on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as we visit favorite spots and uncover some hidden gems across the cisty. We’ll also be putting together community events in order to showcase all the resilient small businesses and to inspire you to come back out and breathe life back into the places we call home — with masks of course!

DON’T BE SHY – Upgrade your Lock Down with us!

You may have heard IT’S TIME B.Q. (before quarantine), but we’re back with a whole new perspective and are looking to BRING YOU WITH US!! This go around, we are focused on the heartbeat of Wilmington, our people:

  • Are you a business owner that wants your customers to know you’re back on the scene?  We want to share your story by getting behind the scenes and showing all of Wilmington how you do what you do! 
  • Are you a foodie who knows the best spot for seafood on the Riverfront? Let us know and we’ll come join you at your favorite joint for Happy Hour!

Join us in making Wilmington thrive again! Follow us on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and keep up to date on my travels on Get involved and be heard by emailing if you want your business featured, or if you want to get involved yourself.

IT’S TIME, Wilmington, IT’s TIME to begin again.


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Where do you unlock your lockdown on the town? Share photos of you and your friends (in masks) on FB and tag #ItsTimeWilmDE.

It’s Time Campaign

Wilmington’s It’s Time campaign is back again with a new focus on community and small businesses. The far-reaching, grassroots campaign is your personal tour guide of Wilmington as we rediscover our city through the eyes of its community members and small businesses! It’s time to unlock your lockdown and get back to living again.
Come hang out with the It’s Time crew, pick up some killer swag, and meet your awesome neighbors!

Masks (and good times) required.


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